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Cutting-edge protective technology of an active
anti-viral anti-microbial surgical mask

Germs Over brings a cutting-edge technology for the decontamination and disinfection of the CORONA viruses, viruses and bacteria. The proprietary molecule is suitable for incorporation into various products and applications including wall paint, fabrics, coating materials and polymeric matrices.



The active mask does not emit any chemicals to the wearer and conforms to the European standard for breathability


Approved by the  Israel Ministry of Health medical device registration (AMAR)


The formulation can be used on other textile products such as hospital uniforms and curtains in hospital rooms

Three layers of protection

The surgical masks are composed of three layers, in which, the outer layer is sprayed with the special additive ‘’Germs Over’’, and the inner layer is impregnated with non-allergenic flavors and fragrances. 

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Researches & Test Results

  • Disinfection was evaluated as 2-log kill within 15 minutes and a full 5-log kill in 1 hour.

  • Complete kill of anthrax spores (2X10 spores per 2 cm   mask coupon)

  • Successfully passed toxicity and skin irritation tests

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